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Prawns are one of the most versatile and amazingly delicious foods and they are the choice of thousands of people. Our selection of 4 sizes of prawns are sure to open up a vast world of delicious delicacies and a huge variety of culinary possibilities – from simple and fast preparations for daily needs to special, luxurious dishes for special occasions. So go ahead with our amazingly lip smacking menu and take your pick from our vast range of soft and juicy prawns.

Medium Prawns

Great for gravy based recipes, these prawns can also be used for stir-fried and sautéed preparations with a mix of other ingredients. Also they blend in easily with the dish, while retaining their taste as the hero ingredient. Use these to make a Classic Prawns Cocktail or Prawn Fried Rice.

Weight Pieces
350 GM. 34-44
 700 GM. 68-88

Large Prawns

These prawns are suited not just for gravy based dishes but also for dry, stir-fried, sautéed, grilled and barbeque preparations. Large prawns are perfect for Prawn Croquettes or Prawn Terrines. They can also be used for a variety of Asian recipes.

Weight Pieces
350 GM. 23-28
 700 GM. 46-55

Super Large Prawns

Serve Super Large prawns whole with mayonnaise or aioli to show off their beautiful dramatic colour. You can also add them to soups – their firm flesh holds together well. Their size makes them ideal for starters. You can cook them on barbeque or use them to make Garlic Prawns.

Weight Pieces
350 GM. 17-22
 700 GM. 35-44

Jumbo Prawns

Best for dry preparations, these prawns can perfectly pull off being the hero of not just the dish, but the entire meal. Leave these prawns whole, rather than chopping them, to make the most of their attractive appearance. Serve them cold with a delicious dipping sauce or in a seafood salad.

Weight Pieces
350 GM. 15-17
 700 GM. 29-33

Useful Cooking Tips

Prawns are the most fervently loved and adored sea food in the world. They are as easy to cook as they are delicious to eat. Here is a word of caution and carefulness – prawn meat is very soft and delicate and there are greater possibilities of prawns getting spoilt than other traditional meat. So we are presenting a few tips that will be helpful to you in cooking tasty and delicious prawns.

Are frozen prawns generally hard and rubbery in taste?2021-08-02T09:54:26+00:00

If overcooked, all prawns may acquire a hard and rubbery taste. This is not because they are frozen. Actually prawns and all other sea foods are fresh when frozen and very tender when thawed. If cooked properly, they will taste soft and juicy with a slight crunch.

Which is the best oil for prawns?2021-08-02T09:57:28+00:00

Flavourful oils like olive oil, mustard oil should be preferred to refined oils.

Mention the cooking procedure which works well with prawns?2021-08-02T09:59:11+00:00

It is desirable to add prawns to a curry in the end and not with the masalas. While cooking prawns on the barbecue, prawns should be wrapped as intense heat may damage the flesh. While poaching, it is better to cook whole prawns in simmering water (below boiling point) for a couple of minutes and then stop the cooking process by pouring ice cold water on it once cooked.

Should prawns be seasoned?2021-08-02T10:00:59+00:00

Unlike mutton, prawns get flavoured very fast. Retaining their mild oceanic flavours, they quickly absorb the additional flavours. So only a little of seasoning can work miracles on prawns. Prawn meat being very delicate and soft, one has to be very careful in seasoning it with chilly and pepper so that its natural original flavours do not get lost.

How long do prawns need to marinate?2021-08-02T10:02:52+00:00

Marination time varies with marinade. Acidic marinades like lemon juice take 30 minutes for marination. But more than 30 minutes of marination may break down the delicate meat and make it less firm. Non-acidic marinades such as olive oil, garlic, herbs, etc. require about one hour for marination and if prawns are put inside the fridge, their marination takes a longer time.

How should you thaw frozen prawns?2021-08-02T10:42:52+00:00

Frozen prawns must be completely defrosted before they are placed on heat. Here is a 3 step method:
1. Transfer the contents of the pack into a polybag.
2. Poke some holes in the polybag for it to remain fresh.
3. Place the polybag in a container of water for 20 minutes.
You will find all these instructions on the pack of bag also so that you can read them conveniently.
Once prawns are thawed, they should be used as early as possible and they must not be place for re-freezing.


What size of prawns would be the best for me?2021-08-02T10:44:26+00:00

Selection of prawn size depends on what you are planning to cook. We have 4 sizes of prawns that are sure to open up a world of delicious delicacies. So go ahead with our amazing lip smacking menu and take your pick.
More details can be seen in our product range section.

Prawns, being tricky to cook, what should I take care of before starting to cook?2021-08-02T10:46:36+00:00

Prawns are as easy to cook as they are amazingly yummy to taste. But before trying your culinary skills on them, it is advisable to go through these expert cooking tips so that nothing may go wrong.

What should I be aware of before eating prawns?2021-08-02T10:47:46+00:00

There is no denying that prawns are one of the most loved sea foods in the world. But they may cause allergy to some people. If you are going to taste prawns for the first time, you should go for an allergy test before.

What are super safe prawns?2021-08-02T10:49:05+00:00

Ziglicious prawns are described as super safe. Our prawns are strictly and severely tested and certified in india. Their compliance with hygiene standards of Europe, USA, Japan and India made them super safe.

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